Wear your scary robo-armour to work – see what happens next!

All hail to Chinese telecom worker Wang Kang. Why? Not only does he have a rhyming name – he so inspired by the 2008 Iron Man movie that he built his own scary looking armour suit.

Then he wore it work. This is what he told press;

No colleagues knew my mission, and some of them froze there in seeing me approach. Some were even screaming for being scared.

Don’t worry. It’s all worked out for Wang. He says that bosses praised him and women are now falling in love with him. That actually has a ring of truth about it because the whole incent seems to have gone viral in China. Impressive.

The suit weighs about 50kg and is made from LARPers favourite; high density foam, wires, paint, tape, latex… you know the score!

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