Spider-man: Edge of Time – E3 trailer

It’s E3 week. Hurrah for all us computer RPG fans – bad news for any geek who can’t stand computer games.

Let’s take an extended peak at Activision’s Spider-man game. The Edge of Time lets us involve two Spider-men and some pretty intense cut scenes. Video game teasers aren’t regulated in the way TV adverts are in the UK so they don’t have to mark whether the scenes are in-game or not; I tend to assume not. That doesn’t phase me for Spider-man: Edge of Time, though, as I’m confident the game will be visually superb.

Will it be fun? That’ll be entirely in the gameplay.

Spider-man: Edge of Time has been developed by Beenox, published by Activision and can be picked up for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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This game looks great. Nice trailer! Anyway, I liked Shattered Dimensions a lot, so I'm really looking forward to this game.