Game of Thrones pushes social media innovations – now with

It’s been a busy Game of Thrones – what with the first episodes appearing on TV and the second series already being signed off.

News of the second series will make the Sky Atlantic Game of Thrones Facebook game more attractive for players as it reduces the risk of the app being yanked.

The extra news today is the partnership with Game of Thrones have a lovely branded presence. I think they’re the first to have such a deal. You’re probably familiar with It’s an easy way to build a newspaper style presentation of a whole bunch of interesting content surfaced by a group of Twitter users. Many sites use as an automated way to Tweet using people’s names to ping their Twitter account.

Sabrina Caluori, director of Social Media & Marketing, HBO, said;

“As the volume of social media content on the internet grows, curation tools such as offer an immense value to consumers. We are excited to use this innovative platform to deliver a branded, highly relevant, daily Twitter newspaper to Game of Thrones fans.”

Here’s a twist to consider. Is the Game of Thrones good news for the blogs covering Game of Thrones? This blogger is very happy for each and every visitor who comes to Geek Native to read about Game of Thrones here. Have HBO created a competitor to the blogs cheerleading the series? I suppose the obvious solution is for blogs like Geek Native to manage to appear in the papers?

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