DC Universe: Fractured Future trailer

I still don’t trust my willpower to go near any MMORPG. If did want to dabble in that area then I’d seriously consider checking out DC Universe. The first DC Universe trailer was awesome and horrible. It was horrible because it painted such a bleak future.

Step up “Fractured Future” which does the same again. The marketing here is perfect. One big group of comic gamers are thinking “Arhg! I must stop this!” and therefore begin to suffer from “Arhg! I must play this” pains. Of course, there’s also another group of gamers who are thinking “Hey! The baddies could win. Cool!”. They’ll also want to play.

Fractured Future has nothing to do with gameplay. It’s about making you want to play the game.

Do you agree? Is this all about painting a possible nightmare than gamers will naturally step up to try and confront?

In other news; when did you spot Batman?

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