Offical PlayStation App coming to iPhone and Android

I’ve long pushed the common sense theory that Google and Sony need to be allies; Microsoft already has the Xbox 360 to tie in with their web strategy, Apple is attacking Sony’s PSP position with the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch and that leaves Google to get in to hardware-connected-to-your-TV market in conjunction with Sony.

It’s no surprise (but pleasing, never the less) to see there will be an official PlayStation app for Android. All you need is Android OS 1.6 so even Sony Ericsson phones (with a bad habit of being many versions behind the latest Android release) should be able to run it.

PlayStation are also letting iPhone users have an official App to. I think this makes sense. It means if someone is sitting on their sofa, reaches for the iPhone to play a game that they might well be reminded of their PlayStation presence.

Here’s what version 1 brings;

  • Track friends’ online status, games and your trophies
  • News on the latest games, hardware and updates
  • Updates from the blog
  • Share favourites via Twitter, Facebook or e-mail

So, not hugely impressive but more than just a skinned RSS reader. The App will be geo-sensitive. If you’re in Europe then you get updates from the PlayStation European blog. Not every country in Europe is getting access to, the lucky winners are UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and The Netherlands. It will, however, be free.

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