Weird GameWyrd Game Awards Wyrd Winners 2004

Voting is over and the results are in. Ladies, gentlemen, orcs and elves, we have our Wyrd Winners! Competition was fierce; we had several thousand votes and in some cases the winners in the most competitive categories won by only a handful of votes!

Weird GameWyrd Game Awards (2004)

Weird GameWyrd Game Awards (2004)

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time out to vote. We know comparing covers to decide between candidates in the “Cwor! The Sexiest Front Cover” category was a chore! When we say “Caffeine Powered Robot” we mean it in the “love of the industry” sort of way!

Congratulations to all the Wyrd Winners. Each Weird GameWyrd Game Award has been fought over and each one is well deserved. Congratulations also the runners up, especially those smaller and independent RPG companies and products which punched far above their weight in terms of fan base and industry awareness.

Is it over until next year? Not quite! Remember, we keep the voting booths open on the Game Awards themselves throughout the year. You can nominate a nomination to ditch, suggest a new category or do both.

Wyrd Winners

Possessor of the Wow Factor

» Eberron (Wizards of the Coast)

The most innovative company in 2004

» Green Ronin (Support includes: Blue Rose, Mythic Vistas and others)

The Most Improved Company in 2004

» Green Ronin (Support includes; Red Star, Blue Rose and others

The Author Most Likely to be a Caffeine Powered Robot

» Mike Mearls (Support includes: Arcana Unearthed: Mystic Secrets and many others!)

The RPG or Supplement Most Likely to Amuse Evil GMs

» Paranoia XP (Mongoose Publishing)

The RPG or Supplement Most Likely to Improve Your Campaign

» Dave Arneson’s Blackmoor (Goodman Games)

The RPG or Supplement Most Likely to Inspire Good Roleplaying

» World of Darkness (White Wolf)

The RPG or Supplement Most Likely to Spark the Imagination

» Eberron (Wizards of the Coast)

The Most Original RPG or Supplement

» Fireborn (Fantasy Flight Games)

The Most Atmospheric RPG or Supplement

» Iron Kingdoms (Privateer Press)

Cwor! The Sexiest Front Cover

» Savant and Sorcerer (White Wolf)

Eek! The Scariest Front Cover

» Book of Archetypes 2 (Eden Studios)